Hello from BC!

Well, hello!!!

I guess the first thing I should do is apologize.  I have been gone so long that many of you who have subscribed to my newsletter probably thought I had fallen off of the planet. Hopefully, you will be pleased to note that, no, I have not.  What I did do was take a trip through the purgatory of moving to a different province and finding a new home.   I can tell you now, after all the struggle, stress, and physical labour, the move was worth it.  We have found ourselves in the beautiful and very friendly city/town of Duncan/North Cowichan, BC, on Vancouver Island. 

Having moved into yet another older house, we have a lot of renovations to do again, and a lot of work to get our yard anywhere near what our yard in Coaldale was like.  That being said, we have already begun the transformation process with both house and yard, and are extremely lucky to be surrounded (both sides, and across the road) with kind, friendly, inclusive, and generous neighbours.  We are exploring this beautiful island on the weekends we are not busy, and are quite enjoying being local tourists. We are walking more than ever; this place has so many beautiful trails (one trail-head being only 3 blocks from our house!) that it is one of my favourite past times.  Plus, I have started to go to the pool one day a week.   I have joined an art group (also a very friendly inclusive bunch) and am trying to get my art making as well as my art business onto a better schedule. 

And so here I am, nearly a year since we made BC our home, and we are settling in.  I hope to be able to share with you more thoughts on art in the near future.  I have been thinking it is time to revisit my why and I would like to write a few posts (…or maybe just one? Depends on how much I have to say.) about that, as well as how my mind plays tricks on me while I am making art.  In the meantime, it is definitely time to get this website up to date.

I would love to hear from you all about your experiences with moving and trying to get life back on track afterwards…hopefully I can get this comment thing working down below…leave me a message or send me an email.

Take care of you! 

Sending love,